About Live Adventure Games

ELG offers live adventure games from Tuesday to Sunday (check hours of operation for listed times).  Games vary based on the chosen scenario but teams will have 60 minutes to accomplish a given objective - to do so will require solving puzzles and gathering clues.  For information on the current games available click here.  
How much does it cost to play?
ELG offers competitively priced games; for information on pricing click here; it works out to roughly the same price as a shot of fountain pop and two kernels of popcorn when taking in a movie at the local theatre.
How many people does it take to play?
Each scenario will have a different number of required players.  We list a minimum and maximum number for each game in the Rooms tab.
Will my group be paired up with strangers?
Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet, right?  But seriously, we would never pair people that did not want to be together as long as the group met the minimum number of players required for a particular room. It may be the case though that someone wants to play, but is not able to get together the minimum number of people for a particular room. In that case we would try to work with that individual and possibly help match them with others in the same situation. Again though, we would never make people play together that didn't want to.
How long does it take?
Depends... how are you at solving puzzles?  The game itself is a maximum of 60 minutes but if you're a puzzle wizard you may be done sooner.  Before the game there is a safety presentation and introduction and a short debrieffing once the room is completed.  The total time is probably close to 90 minutes.
When should my group and I arrive?
You should aim to be about 10 minutes early to allow for payment (if not already done) and any other last minute housekeeping items.  Don't worry about arriving too early, we have a reception area where you can relax while you wait.  If you're worried about being bored - don't - the staff are friendly and know a lot of jokes of the knock knock variety.
The universe has conspired against me and my group of friends; we're going to be late, what should I do?
When life gives you lemons, call ahead and let us know; if there is nobody booked right after you it may not be a big deal.  If there is, you may want to start making that lemonade because you'll likely have to re-schedule.  Call us and we'll do everything we can to accommodate you.
What are the age requirements?
All the games are 16+ or 13+ with at least one adult.
Is it scary?
Probably not, unless you are easily sca....BOOO!
If you experienced such effects as temporary loss of bladder control, urge to cry for "mommy", shaking knees and nausea you might be easily scared; consult your doctor.  In general the games shouldn't scare you though certain scenarios will be more likely to than others (e.g. horror themed rooms).  Read the room descriptions in advance and contact us if you're still unsure.  If necessary we can fashion you a battle axe out of a paper plate and ruler.
Do you offer team building or bachelor/bachelorette parties?
We have the capacity to accommodate companies who wish to take advantage of our experiences for team building purposes but ask that those interested contact us in advance to make arrangements.  The same applies for larger bachelor/bachelorette parties.  
Can I arrive under the influence of mind altering substances?
Some of the puzzles will be challenging and you might be thinking that something to "expand your mind" will help you to think outside the box.  We assure you that a clear mind and good teamwork are the only substances you need.  If we suspect the use of drugs (including alcohol) we reserve the right to refuse entry.
Isn't it unsafe to lock a group of people in a room?
There are certainly issues involved with locking a group of strangers in a broom closet for an hour so we had to revise our business plan.  More details will be given in the safety orientation provided before each game but players are never actually locked in the room.
That last question is kind of a big one, shouldn't it be moved to the top?
Do I come to your place of employment and tell you how to do your job....?
You are a little hard to find, can I get overly descriptive directions?
Finding us is the first puzzle you have to solve!  We do provide such directions here.  If you are still unsure about where we are, feel free to give us a call and we'll be more than happy to walk you through it.
Will my extensive knowledge of Star Wars quotes get me any sort of discount or special treatment?
Watch your mouth kid, or you'll find yourself floating home...
Do I need to be physically fit to participate?
No, there won't be any really demanding physical activity required to complete any of the objectives; however, if you have a heart condition or something similar you may want to re-think your involvement.  Our rooms are pretty killer and we're sure you'd have a heart stopping good time but it might be best to consult a medical professional beforehand.
Do you have leaderboards for the best times?
Yes, we do.  We keep track of the best times for each room.  These can be checked here .
I am planning a coporate team building/staff party, can we bring our own alcohol?
A common question with corporate customers (I am working for the wrong people).  We are not set up to serve any refreshments at this time, however, we have been in contact with the Department of Public Safety and they have informed us that any alcohol at all requires that the group apply for a special occasion permit and buy their alcohol from a liquor store.
I'm on a university campus and I'm having trouble booking.; the booking page isn't being displayed correctly.  Don't you want students to participate?
Absolutely!  (I mean, absolutely, yes we do want you to participate, not absolutely we don't...).  Some of our favorite people are students.  Unfortunately, sometimes universities block certain site building webpages so if that is the case, try booking through our Facebook page, here.