Corporate Events and
Team Building

We are pleased to offer corporate team building events in several forms:

Escape Rooms  - Escape rooms are great for team building with small groups of people! We can currently accommodate 16-18 people and have had many local businesses come in for some good old fashioned team building. It's a great way to get to know the people you've been working with and offers you the chance to exercise your mind in new and interesting ways!

Custom Mystery  - While escape rooms are great for smaller numbers of people, we are pleased to also offer a completely unique and customizable mystery experience for larger groups (over 20 people). We come to you and create an immersive story telling experience, where teams of people will compete against one another (or potentially work together) to get to the bottom of a mystery! We can accommodate any number of people, over any length of time, incorporate work place inside jokes, work within a variety of budgets and tailor it to any difficulty! Contact us for a free quote ( to see what we can do for you!

Puzzle Hunts - Another option for larger groups of people (over 20). A puzzle hunt takes place over an area, typically a city or town, but again it is completely customizable and could even take place in a building and the surrounding space. We recently completed our inaugural puzzle hunt, The Quest, which had approximately 100 people (3-4 person teams) running all over the city solving puzzles and participating in challenges to win. These types of events can be a matter of a few hours or a few days, however for corporate events, most people are tapped out after 2 hours. We would love to work with you to craft your very own custom puzzle hunt! They can be done anytime and anywhere! Please contact us for a free quote (!

'Our team building excursion at Escape Logic Games was a great experience. The staff were friendly, accommodating and the team had a blast!' Andy Clark, Teed Saunders Doyle & Co

''The Dream Team had a blast playing The Study! It was challenging, but that's what made it so much fun, you had to depend on your teammates' skills and work as one team to succeed - which we did! Walking in you don't know what to expect, especially for those who have never done a room previously, but almost immediately you see people divide and conquering, then communicating their findings. Staff were friendly and informative, they knew when we were stuck before we did! I would definitely recommend Escape Logic Games as a team building activity, in fact, we can't wait to go back to play their other room, The Tomb.' Lita Gallant, Dream Team

''We have a rather large team so we divided up into smaller groups and made our team building events, a competition! Over a couple weeks, we had 5 separate teams come in to complete The Study, everyone had a great time! I would highly recommend Escape Logic Games as a team building activity to any company, large or small.' Corey Cheek, Delta Fredericton

'Trying to ‘Escape’ the Tomb was the perfect staff team building activity! We were impressed with the amount of creativity that went into fashioning the story, puzzles, and décor in the escape room. If you are looking for a unique team building activity I highly recommend this fun and challenging experience. Although we couldn’t solve all the puzzles in time, it was such a blast that we would do it again.  Next up, the Study!  Thank you to the knowledgeable and friendly staff that helped make this outing even more enjoyable.'  Andrea Ashton, Fredericton Convention Centre

'We visited Escape Logic Games and played The Study - which was a great room! Being sequestered in a room with your colleagues challenges you to work as a team like you've never done before! We can't wait to go back to play another room!' Janik Petersen, Ernst & Young LLP

'The Escape room was a lot of fun and a wonderful team building exercise for our staff. They enjoyed the combination of mystery, intrigue and excitement as well as the challenge of  employing logical thinking and problem solving skills!' - Erika Mollegaard, Yorkville University Admissions Department