On Site Mystery

With our custom mystery experiences, we come to you to tell one of our unique stories. The stories themselves unfold by solving the various puzzles and diving into the content of the story to piece together the clues. We will be adding to our collection over time and are always excited to work with new clients to create one completely from scratch. With our existing stories, there are opportunities all along the way to customize the experience to your needs (length, difficulty, number of players, story elements, etc...). 

Story Collection

1. The Case of the Conundrum Killer
A murderer is on the loose! For the past 2 months, Bedford Falls has been gripped in terror as the body count mounts. The killer has become increasingly brazen and has even begun leaving puzzles to toy with local law enforcement, earning the monicker "The Conundrum Killer". Out of their depth, police have brought in a team of special investigators to put an end to this madness! Do you have what it takes to piece together the evidence and solve the Conundrum's perplexing puzzles before another person meets their end?

In the Case of the Conundrum Killer, the puzzles would be presented as police evidence in dossiers, evidence bags, etc... Teams would be solving puzzles left behind by the killer and working on puzzles that come in the form of collected "evidence". It would aim to simulate a team of police officers working through a case. 


1. What is a 'Custom Mystery' experience?
This is an event where we come to your workplace and create a kind of on-site mystery. It involves dividing your co-workers up into teams where they will be engaged in an immersive story-telling experience full of twists and turns. They will be competing against one another to unravel the mystery first by solving a series of puzzles that are integrated into the story. Think of it like being the star of your very own choose your own adventure story!

2. What do you guys offer and what do I have to do?
All you need to do is reach out to us! If you'd like a free quote, send us an e-mail at info@escapelogicgames.com, and we'll get in touch with a few questions to find out exactly what you're looking for. Assuming we come to some kind of agreement, your job is basically done. We'll take care of the rest, including all of the puzzles, story, setup, takedown. We offer turn-key solutions.

3. Who can play?
Anyone! It's great for friends, co-workers, organizations, families, the young, and the old! 

4. This sounds like it could be interesting, but I'm worried I would not do very well.
Nah, you'll be fine! We hear that a lot with our escape rooms, but you'd be surprised at just what you can do! The great part is that this thing is entirely customizable. We tune the difficulty to your desire.

5. How many people do I need to play?
Ideally, more than 20 people (otherwise, consider our escape room option), and there's really no upper limit to the number of players. We are working on producing a smaller scale experience though and will update this section when we're done.

6. What's the cost?
It depends! How many people will be playing? Over what length of time? How much "wow" factor has been requested? There are many factors that impact the price, but we can get to a cost pretty quickly after asking you a few of those basic questions.

7. How long is this event?
The length can range from hours to days and is entirely up to you, but we find that 2 hours is a pretty good number for most people.

8. How far in advance do I need to book something like this?
This also depends on a number of factors as each event is customized to the user's specifications, however, 4-8 weeks is a good ball park place to start.

9. How do I get a free quote?
Send us an e-mail at info@escapelogicgames.com requesting a free quote. We'll get back to you with a few questions and go from there.

10. Do you travel?
Yes! We are willing to come to anyone that will have us! Obivously, travel will add some cost to the package.