The Quest/UNB Puzzle Hunt
Rules and Tips

What You and Your Team Agree to By Participating in this Puzzle Hunt (You will have to sign on Day of event):

1.  To observe and obey all local, provincial and federal laws and regulations. Additionally, teams will be expected to respect the driving and parking rules associated with the UNB campus. This includes obeying campus speed limits, parking only in designated areas, not leaving vehicles idling, staying on the road and all other rules and regulations. If you are unfamiliar with UNB’s Fredericton campus regulations, please become familiar with them before the hunt.
If ANY team member is found to be in violation of any of the aforementioned rules and regulations, you and your team will be dismissed from the hunt and not be eligible for a refund of team registration costs.

2. To respect judge’s rulings. Failure to obey judges will result in your dismissal from the hunt and you will not be eligible for a refund of team registration costs.
3. To accept full responsibility for our own health and safety for the duration of this event. You agree that your participation is fully voluntary and you willingly take on all of the inherent risks associated with a puzzle hunt. You will not hold Escape Logic Games, UNB, any of their employees or associated vendors/venues responsible for any harm that may result from your participation in this Puzzle Hunt, and acknowledge that you are responsible for having your own insurance to cover personal injury or death. You fully indemnify Escape Logic Games, UNB, any of their employees and all third party vendors and venues from any liability associated with this puzzle hunt.

4. To indemnify and defend Escape Logic Games and UNB against all claims, causes of action, damages, judgements, costs or expenses, including attorney fees and other litigation costs, which may in any way arise from any your team’s actions.

5. To pay for all damages caused by your team to any facilities or spaces visited during this puzzle hunt.

6. That any legal claims arising from participation in this puzzle hunt not covered by this document shall be settled under New Brunswick law.

7. ELG, UNB and/or third parties may take photographs and videos of you and your team during the event to be used on social media or for other marketing purposes.

8. If you have an issue with any of these rules, please inform Escape Logic Games ( before starting this Puzzle Hunt and we will arrange to refund your money.

What to Bring on the Hunt:
1. Each team will need a car with a full tank of gas and at least one member of the team requires a valid Class 5 driver's license. The UNB Homecoming puzzle hunt will take place entirely on campus, while the UNB Quest puzzle hunt will take place within a 15 minute driving distance of campus.

2. At least one person will need a smart phone or tablet (with data). If multiple people have mobile devices, this will be to your advantage and allow team members to view the clues in read-only mode. Only the captain will be able to submit answers.

3. The ClueKeeper App (see next section).

4. Phone charger - although none of our play testers needed to use one when starting with a fully charged phone.

5. Flashlights or phones with a flashlight mode.

6. Water and snacks.

7. Clipboard, pencil and paper. Answers will be submitted on the phone, but having some paper to write on will help for certain parts of the hunt.

8. Appropriate clothing – This is a rain or shine event so dress appropriately! The majority of activities will take place indoors, but you will need to go outside at times and it may be wet.

The ClueKeeper App:

The ClueKeeper platform delivers hunt information, hints, answer verification, scoring and more. Each team will use ClueKeeper on their own phone(s) or tablet(s).

Here are the steps you need to take in order to play this puzzle hunt:

  •     Install ClueKeeper on at least one Android or iOS device (installing on more is also fine). Make sure to bring a charger for that device.

  •     If you'd like to have a record of your participation in this hunt and see your team's results afterward, each team member should create a ClueKeeper player account using the mobile app or at

  •     If you like, you can play the tutorial in ClueKeeper to learn how the app works. Use hunt code WELCOME to download the tutorial. All team members can do this independently.

  •     A few days before the hunt, you will receive an email from ClueKeeper, sent to the address with which you register your team. The mail will contain a hunt code for this puzzle hunt. Select the device on your team that will be the "master device" for the event and enter the code on that device to download the hunt.

  •     After downloading the hunt, the person with the "master device" should add all team members with ClueKeeper accounts. Team members can play along on their own devices in "read-only mode" during the hunt.

Note that if you would like to zoom in on a particular image for a clue, you can do so by tapping the image and then zooming in.

Check out the ClueKeeper website for more info!

How Hints and Scoring Will Work:
You will receive points for each puzzle solved and challenge completed. Hints for a puzzle can be purchased for a small number of points and will get cheaper over time, so you may be able to wait a few extra minutes to lower the cost of the hint.

If you’re really stuck, you will be able to skip a particular puzzle and move on to the next. Be aware though that you will get 0 points for that puzzle and you will not be able to return to solve it. The skip feature for a given puzzle will be enabled roughly 10 minutes after beginning that puzzle.

Teams will be ranked by score, so complete as much as possible in the time allotted to maximize your score! Once you’re done, your team name and score will be posted on the leaderboard which can be accessed by logging into the ClueKeeper website.

Start Location:
If you are playing the UNB Homecoming Puzzle Hunt, you will begin the hunt in the SUB Atrium at 10:00 AM on September 30th, 2017. Registration will begin at 9:15 AM.

If you are playing the UNB Quest Puzzle Hunt, your start location will be announced closer to the event date so keep an eye on the Facebook event page! The hunt will begin at 9:00 AM sharp, and registration will begin at 8:15 AM.

Technical Difficulties:
We are not anticipating any issues with the hunt, but in the off-chance that something goes wrong, please call Kody at 506-261-2160. Note that if you run into technical problems with a puzzle and can’t get in touch with anyone, don’t worry! Just skip that puzzle for now (should be able to skip after no more than 10-15 minutes). Contact us after the hunt to explain what went wrong and we will be able to modify your score to compensate for any technical difficulties you may have encountered. Please do not contact us to ask for help with puzzles. All hints will be delivered through the ClueKeeper app.

If you have any questions, visit our Facebook event page and post it. If it’s something you’re wondering about, other people would probably like to know as well!